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Decay Prevention

Fluoride Decay PreventionMany years ago scientists started to notice that children who were born and raised in areas with natural fluoride in drinking water had fewer cavities than children in other areas. Fluoride absorbed by your body when teeth were forming (during mother’s pregnancy to early childhood) integrates into the structure of enamel and makes it stronger.

After teeth eruption, fluoride found in your toothpaste, mouthwash, or in what your dentist places on your teeth still has a positive effect on your teeth. It strengthens the enamel and reduces the chance of tooth decay.

If you have children and live in an area that has no fluoride in its drinking water, you should consult your dentist and physician about fluoride tablets that are available for children.

If you have any questions about Fluoride Decay Prevention treatment and you live near us or in the surrounding area, give us a call today!


Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that has been shown to decrease the occurrence of cavities. You can find it in some toothpaste and in chewing gums. Just chew a couple pieces of xylitol gum a day can help control cavity foretime. Our office also offers CARIFREER PRODUCTS containing xylitol to help control and prevent tooth decay.

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